Ecclesiasticus (Sira) 42
Brenton Septuagint Translation
1Of the law of the most High, and his covenant; and of judgment to justify the ungodly;

2Of reckoning with thy partners and travellers; or of the gift of the heritage of friends;

3Of exactness of balance and weights; or of getting much or little;

4And of merchants' indifferent selling; of much correction of children; and to make the side of an evil servant to bleed.

5Sure keeping is good, where an evil wife is; and shut up, where many hands are.

6Deliver all things in number and weight; and put all in writing that thou givest out, or receivest in.

7Be not ashamed to inform the unwise and foolish, and the extreme aged that contendeth with those that are young: thus shalt thou be truly learned, and approved of all men living.

8A daughter is a wakeful care to a father; and the care for her taketh away sleep: when she is young, lest she pass away the flower of her age; and being married, lest she should be hated:

9In her virginity, lest she should be defiled and gotten with child in her father's house; and having an husband, lest she should misbehave herself; and when she is married, lest she should be barren.

10Keep a sure watch over a shameless daughter, lest she make thee a laughingstock to thine enemies, and a byword in the city, and a reproach among the people, and make thee ashamed before the multitude.

11Behold not every body's beauty, and sit not in the midst of women.

12For from garments cometh a moth, and from women wickedness.

13Better is the churlishness of a man than a courteous woman, a woman, I say, which bringeth shame and reproach.

14I will now remember the works of the Lord, and declare the things that I have seen: In the words of the Lord are his works.

15The sun that giveth light looketh upon all things, and the work thereof is full of the glory of the Lord.

16The Lord hath not given power to the saints to declare all his marvellous works, which the Almighty Lord firmly settled, that whatsoever is might be established for his glory.

17He seeketh out the deep, and the heart, and considereth their crafty devices: for the Lord knoweth all that may be known, and he beholdeth the signs of the world.

18He declareth the things that are past, and for to come, and revealeth the steps of hidden things.

19No thought escapeth him, neither any word is hidden from him.

20He hath garnished the excellent works of his wisdom, and he is from everlasting to everlasting: unto him may nothing be added, neither can he be diminished, and he hath no need of any counsellor.

21Oh how desirable are all his works! and that a man may see even to a spark.

22All these things live and remain for ever for all uses, and they are all obedient.

23All things are double one against another: and he hath made nothing imperfect.

24One thing establisheth the good or another: and who shall be filled with beholding his glory?

25The pride of the height, the clear firmament, the beauty of heaven, with his glorious shew;

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